Volatile Organic Compounds emissions result from natural and anthropogenic (man made)sources.

Source: Environment Canada

When a coat of paint hardens after application, solvents evaporate into the atmosphere. Volatile organic compounds are among the precursors of smog (a mixture of gas which forms in the lower atmosphere when the sun’s rays react with certain pollutants). They are identified as pollutants.

VOC Emissions from Commercial and Consumer Products by Source

Source Sector VOC Emissions (%) Paints and Coatings 26% Consumer Products 19% Industrial Non-process 19% Windshield Washer Fluid 13% Printing 9% Commercial/Industrial Cleaning 7% Degreasing 5% Pesticides 2%


We can buy paint without VOCs or very low emitting VOCs; anyhow, after september 2012 paint merchants will not be allow to sell paint containing VOCs in Canada.

Your family will have an healthier home environment.

Though I don't want to dwell on the term LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design), you should understand that paint choice helps a design business who is accumulating points in order to become LEED certified.

The LEED Green Building System is a performance-oriented rating system where points are earned for satisfying specific green building criteria in five major categories:

* materials and resources * energy and atmosphere * sustainable sites * water efficiency * indoor air quality

So, if you choose paint with a LEED standard, you're on the right path.

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Going green by choosing no Volatile Organic Compounds products.

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