Make your small kitchen design as creative and functional as possible. We will take this narrow 12’-0’’ x 7’-0’’ kitchen as an example.

Small kitchen design before view

The sink is under the window and there is a right side wall which is actually the house entrance’s closet on the other side. That closet interior was all redesigned and was needed by the owners so there was no way we could open this space for the kitchen.

Entrance inside storage closet design

My strategy was to create an open space and to help owners cook and wash their dishes together without walking on each other feet. Storage and pantries were to be more accessible and bountiful to answer some of their renovation requirements

Small kitchen design after view

Another way to get the most out of a small kitchen design is to use several green building materials, for example stone, granite and wood; texture and well chosen colors are bringing movements and balance into the space.

Natural light and good lighting planning installation will bring everything together.

Plan to use inside cabinetries’ storage; I use Richelieu hardware or Hettich hardware because they really got good products to use for your pantry or your pots and pans. See the storage section for more information and ideas.

As shown on this picture, two tall slide-out pantry hardware (right next to the window) were installed into the cabinetries. Following those is the built-in oven, microwave with a trim kit and a bottom warming drawer followed by a 24’’ deep refrigerator.

Every appliances and cabinets are creating a very nice and flowing space.

Utilizing green stained FSC cherry wood for your cabinets’ door and good quality hardware will give you a sustainable green kitchen.

As an alternative, find a green melamine collection that offers door program and assorted edges band. It is amazing how those melamine wood finish panels looks like real wood once installed.

Bottom line, small kitchen design demand more time to think about the end result because you just don’t have the space to make design mistake. A good kitchen designer will be able to help you with the planning and materials choices.

If you decide to DIY, plan, shop and buy kitchen magazines to guide you into your renovation. Bad planning could cost you lots of wasted money and not sure you will like your new kitchen when it is done.

Different ideas on flooring finishes for your small kitchen design.

Need to change your appliances for Energy Star one?

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