Now that you have decided where to install your home office, measure the space.

This is the time to decide on the budget available to you or that you will be getting from a bank loan.

Revise your list, prioritizing the essentials so that you can be working from home as soon as possible.

Visiting an office equipment supplier for help in planning will certainly make the task easier. Personally, I work with a local manufacturer Artopex office furniture whose goal is protecting the environment and whose office equipment meets my expectations and standards for quality.

Take a look at 3 different spaces below to help you create your own environment:


Plan idea for an office


Home office plan idea


design tips and idea

For the creation and installation of an ergonomic green home office, the following guidelines should be strongly taken into account. You will increase your productivity and enjoy working in your new space.

Position your workspace so you are facing or seeing the entrance when sitting down without twisting your head.

If you need a specific space in your basement, we suggest that you visit this page to learn the green interior decluttering process.

Tips on going green will help you take some good decision on your choice of building material.