The green kitchen design strategy will be to ensure durability, optimization of energy performance, air quality and water saving, good space layout, storage and garbage management.

Construction and demolition waste management will also take part of our strategy.

Planning to build a green kitchen design must be done with meticulous care and space maximization. You will be spending lots of time everyday in this space so it should be functional, ergonomic and easily accessible for your family to follow your lifestyle.

First recommendation is to hire a specialized green interior kitchen designer who will answer your specific needs, tastes and budget.

Take the time to write down all your criteria and cut pictures from magazines of eco-friendly countertops, floor finishes, cabinet’s colors and doors styles, backsplashes and faucets models. This will guide your designer or cabinet maker towards the proper green kitchen design.

Make sure you hire good credentialed entrepreneurs and carefully read contracts before signing them.

Kitchen before renovation picture Kitchen before renovation picture

2015 Kitchen Innovation

Have you ever thought about your dream kitchen? I would like to share with you this video from Hettich their hardware and storage solutions will give you ideas for your new kitchen renovation planning.

I personally work with their online catalogue to find what I need when designing a kitchen. Every new kitchen requires their storage and hardware to get the most out of your space.

2015 Hettich Kitchen

If you are downsizing and moving forward in your life, you will want to plan for an easier access to your storage. Hettich ergonomic and reliable technology will provide what you need.

SMALL KITCHEN DESIGN. Make your small kitchen design as creative and functional as possible.

Prepare an inventory of all your appliances indicating their dimensions, color and special installation requirements, for example electrical or gas wired.











If you are buying new energy star appliances, it is important to do it before the design process starts. Ask your designer about your choice before buying to make sure it will fit your space and new green kitchen design style.

Kitchen before renovation picture Kitchen before renovation picture

Kitchen after renovation picture


Good design and full use of spaces plus the right materials’ selection involving air quality and high eco-friendly construction standards will ensure DURABILITY.


Those are the categories where the energy performance can be optimized in your new kitchen design, especially if you are building a new house.

• Appliances • Heating, cooling and ventilation • Electronics • Home Office equipment • Windows and doors (Country levels) * Insulation • Lighting products

The EnerGuide label shows how much energy a product uses under normal conditions in one year, the ENERGYSTAR symbol on the label identifies the most energy-efficient product. Products Recognized as ENERGY STAR Most Efficient in 2011


Control of air quality is so important to live in a healthier environment that you must ask your entrepreneur for eco-friendly construction materials. VOC and formaldehyde free products for your furniture and cabinets, paint and varnishes, adhesives, wallpaper have an important affect on air quality.

Vent the space thoroughly when building your new kitchen.


It has to be ergonomic for you and your family to fit your lifestyle and needs. If you are cooking like a chef, have the layout designed like a restaurant’s kitchen.

If you need to keep an eye on the children while preparing dinner, have an open space layout design looking on the family room.

To make it easier on your back, ask your designer to install pull-out shelving systems.

Preparation island with a small sink might be very convenient as much as having a small refrigerator incorporated to store milk, eggs and butter. It is a good place to install the microwave and an easy access for all the family.

The design will likely fit into a rectangle shape between the range, refrigerator and sink. Countertop height is 36’’ but can have your preparation island built to 42’’ high.


Kitchen storage will make your life easier and you will feel like a CHEF!

Eco-Friendly paint to protect the environment and improve air quality.

Eco-friendly floor covers and finishes for your new green kitchen design.