Green interior design trends are informations to be utilize as an inspiration for your future renovation.

The amalgams of concepts along with surfacing of colors and textures will give rooms’ unexpected looks. Crafts will be showing off in the new technology resulting in a dynamic and textured new orientation of colors and finishes.

Old objects will find new breath of life by dressing up with bright and warm colors. Reusing will be a must in 2013!

By searching in your imaginary world with your children’s eyes and sitting comfortably reading old cartoons, will help you run away from everyday life so you can seek refuge in rich and crispy energised décor.

Finally, coloration will wade through the new technology. Tools and materials who make our everyday life will take shapes in our new space planning.

Blue shades will be very important in 2013! They represent peacefulness and mystery that you will sometime find in navies, electric blues, dark, light and shading off...blues will be influenced by greens.

During the late 80’s and beginning of the 90’s, people where in search of a cozy home, seeking for a snuggly residence, for a lifestyle that will accentuate their affective and material environment, for example watching television at home instead of going to the movies. Faith Popcorn had created the Cocooning phenomenon!!!

Greens will be bold and bright in which you will feel the blue color slide gently into them letting the kaki color enter by the side door.

New interior design trends ‘’HIVING’’ with home based office increasing, desire to home entertainments and multifunction spaces to accommodate friends and family overnights combine to the home office and library turns houses into hives. Hivers put their family, friends and neighbors first on their social list.

While the reds will show off darken and orange-coloured, some of them will take their way towards shocking pink and others delicate pink.

Nowadays consumers wants to go eco-friendly with open space interiors, smaller but functional bathrooms, House Theater and playroom, they want to bring the kitchen outside to the patio with nice gazebos and performing BBQs. They ask for wine chillers, larger pantries, and high efficiency energy star appliances.

They enroll into cooking courses so they can cook diversified and healthier meals to their families, they have this craze for horticulture so they can create gardens with their children and they aim to go green.

And what to say about mauve coloration and their mysterious direction walking towards a folded look to combine with greys in your décors.

Yellows are winking us under the sunshine because of their rich and warm golden shades.

Eco-friendly and greener building materials are more accessible and easier to find. Paint, textiles and building materials producers are being on the lookout for their clienteles’ request and offer a more diversified range of colors and finishes in a more competitive price cost.

Deep shades of charcoal will harmonize well with the creamy shades to make classic and elegant ambiance.

For a modern and classic room, selection of creams and light peach will find infinite kindness.

Neutral shades of brown and green, rich complex taupes are back and will play the star during 2013. Utilisation of untreated wood or/and darken will complete your sophisticated urban décor look.

Black is always classical and utilized to give depth and character in your well lighted rooms for a sumptuousness touch and most unexpected décors.

Greys are dressed up of metalized blues to create electrifying ambiances.

Whites will be combine with black and grey for a deep and mysterious effect.

2011 interior design trend are bold bright and glossy finish eco-friendly building materials. Straight and pure lines to offer luminous and plain decors will answer our hivers’ expectations.

Note that the colors illustrated on this web site might be different from computer to another. It is recommended to visit your paint store to get samples and to verify them into a well lighted room before buying your paint for the best end result. recommends that you speak with an interior designer or paint specialist for guidance.

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