Green interior decluttering

This green interior decluttering evaluation list will help you evaluate what is important to you so you can take full control of your life!

Reorganizing your spaces should remain simple and ask the question: why, what and who is motivating you toward this process!   It takes 21 consecutive days to establish new habits.

Having organized spaces increases your energy level and reduces stress level. Declutter your home will make it more eco-friendly so that you and your family can live in a healthier environment.


D….Don’t deny the situation

O….Opt for a plan of action with a         timetable
I…..Identify goals clearly

T….Take the challenge for a green interior decluttering process

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Green interior decluttering benefits:

How : 

  • You will no longer have to look for your car or house keys and will easily be able to find your check book.
  • You will save money because you don’t buy something you already have.
  • Your bills will be paid on time because the payment process has been organized.
  • Getting dressed in the morning is a lot faster because no need to look for your clothes and you can prepare your family for school with a lot less drama.

Saving time :  

  • Being organized saves time every day and every week.
  • You will accumulate time over every month which in a year adds up to many hours you can spend doing something else. 
  • Being organized means finding a place for every item in the house. There is the 80/20 axiom…we use only 20% of what we possess.

How and where to start:


  • Take a large size grid paper, pencil, eraser and a camera.

It is better to take a sheet per room and write all the information that comes in your mind.  Take the room’s dimension and every piece of furniture you will need to keep.

  • Go room by room

Don’t sit down in a room and think too much!  Picture what you would like to see after it is declutter. Start with the room you use the most, the final result will motivate you to continue with the rest of the house.

  • Identify a starting and finishing date for each room.

Write those dates in your agenda and do not re-schedule. Ask families and friends to help you and make it a party.  Tell them it is important to you and that you really need their help. Serve hot-dogs and have fun.

  • Make a detailed list of the room’s activities

For example, eating in the living room or use of an office space in the kitchen for paying your bills, watching TV in the bedroom and entertaining guest in the garage. 



Prepare boxes identified as follows:

What you like and use often

Charitable organizations, family or friends.

E-Bay, used clothing store, garage sale

in the garage, basement, another room

eco-friendly landfill

Don’t torture yourself over things you absolutely can’t part with; put them in an identified container and you can return to them later.

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