Green reycling symbol

Installing green home office furniture in an existing space means recycling or reusing your stuff first. Then if there is nothing available around your house, you can shop for used home office furniture or buy new systems through eco-conscious companies.

Green home office furniture

These Scandinavian teak organizational wall cabinetries were bought in 1970’s and is absolutely stunning. It is great storage and gives an executive look for this basement base home office.

Reusing this wall unit add a professional look and feel to this new green office design. Baskets and boxes will enable you to organize your offices’ supply in the closed cabinets.

Non conventional table leg

Another example is this wood restaurant’s table leg. It was found 30 years ago by the client and waiting in a garage to be reused.

Instead of buying metal or wood leg in a hardware store, we used it under this working surface fabricated from formaldehyde free melamine panels.

Coats' peg Instead of buying a regular coat hanger that you screw on the wall, I suggest this peg that you can find in an antique store. If you prefer a more contemporary look, then shop around to find a more fitted look. This system will be easy to move around, especially if you need to put away your home office every night when the family comes back from school.

An old wood door is reusable for your working surface. Sand it and paint with a nice color that will fit into your space and install a glass over to preserve it, especially when you are writing.

Two sawhorses can be installed under the door and securely screw all together. Make sure the finish height is 30’’ to 31’’ for an ergonomic working zone.

But, if you prefer to shop around for used home office furniture, you will find several good deals and it will be easy to install your new green home office to fit your needs and expectations.

The next opportunity that is offer to you is to buy from an eco-conscious company, for example Artopex office furniture who offers a designer service to help you choose and design your office.

I really enjoy working with them because they have a good variety in colors and finishes.

Nevertheless, a good planning is crucial; you will rapidly find that if you do not take the time to plan your home office, and I know that you are eager to start working as soon as possible, you will fast feel that you are not comfortable and non productive.

Don’t forget that you are alone to manage your home office and will not have very much time in the future to re-organize your space. Do it right at the beginning!

Install your own green home office design with simple ideas and tips.

Take a look a those different home office spaces to help create your own environment.

A well-structured budget is the secret to a nicely planned renovation.