Green closet design is part of your decision towards an eco-friendly makeover for a healthier home.

The home organization and storage is going through major changes. Space is always an issue and is now on the house hunter’s wish list.

Bedroom storage cabinets

First, declutter your existing closets and either

keep, give away, throw out, sell or relocate your stuff.

Then, create your wardrobe with the help of an interior designer. Using the space you have available, make a list of your requirements and expectations.

Companies like California Closets will assist with the design and the installation.

Corner closet design Either way, those following elements will be important:

Eco-friendly paint - varnishes

Eco-friendly flooring

Formaldehyde-free substrate board

No VOC adhesives

Non toxic baskets

Natural light as much as possible

CFL (compact fluorescent light) or LED (light-emitting diode) lighting

Eco-friendly countertop

Recycled area carpet

green tip symbol

Dry-cleaned clothing might be a source of VOC; if a strong odour upon pickup is obvious, leave it outside your closet. Buying washable clothes will prevent this situation.

Built-in closet picture

Built-in closet picture

A flat LCD television can be in one of the upper cabinet if the storage cabinets are installed in your bedroom. Combination of different door’s finishes will cut the monotony.

Construction of full length wall will give you more storage spaces.

Under the window's cabinetry is useful for a sitting area.

It is a good idea to keep one or two drawers for the dirty clothes; one for the white and the second one for the colors. Make them removable to bring them in the laundry room when needed.

Identify your drawers, for example sweaters, socks and underwear; it will be easier to find your clothes faster in the morning.

To become greener, declutter your home using the three ''R'' rule.

Green closet design needs good eco-friendly paint.

Eco-friendly solid wood floors.

Eco-friendly countertops