For me, designing a green baby nursery’s room adds a breath of fresh air, a bit of sunshine to my day and challenges all my senses to the point that I smell lavender. Naturally, I’m talking about how I’m inspired with an eco-friendly baby nursery interior design to help you set up your little one’s bedroom and to make the process easier for you.

So the first step for this eco-friendly baby nursery would be finding a theme which isn’t too babyish and will easily keep the child’s interest up to the age of five. Stars and stripes, jungle, floral, popular character, nautical, celestial, balloons, princess or puppy themes are some ideas that you can use as a starting point.

The next step for your green baby nursery would be shopping for bedding which represents the chosen theme so you will be able to select the correct wall and ceiling colours. We will opt for a ZERO VOC paint for children which is GREENGUARD certified and either available locally or on the internet.

Consider white, yellowish or pinkish creams as well as sand colours for covering surfaces, moldings and doors using only ECO-FRIENDLY PAINT .A VOC-free, chair rail molding, which has been painted beforehand, placed 36" or 42" from the floor will allow you to paint the walls in two colours. Keeping your theme in mind, buy some decals for the walls and the window treatments. Colour accents will come from frames, stuffed animals, and the carpet. The bedding should also be more colourful to achieve this green baby nursery interior design.

cordless roman shade picture Use only new formula mini-blinds that contain no lead because the dust that builds up on the blinds can be a health threat to small children.

A cordless, creamy white Roman shade (from Levelor) can be installed under your window drapes. If you prefer, you can ask your seamstress to make a Roman shade using your theme’s fabric, but remember to install only a child-safe system.

Please read the section FLOOR COVERS so you can choose the finish which is best for you. Bamboo and cork floors are interesting choices because of their vast selection of available colours. Choose a neutral colour and finish which can still be used when the room is redecorated.

knotty pine picture

Now we can talk about the furnishings that need to be purchased to fill your short, mid and long-term requirements. I suggest the purchase of a bed which will grow along with your child. Many manufacturers make models that have options for converting them. Your baby crib will then become a full size bed for your child, often for less than $150.

baby cribb picture

GREENGUARD indoor air quality certified cribs are available from some manufacturers.

In a small nursery, the top of a chest of drawers can be converted into a changing table. If the room is larger, you can install a daybed and an open wardrobe with eco-friendly wicker baskets to hold clean diapers, eco-friendly bed sheets and little washcloths.

Don’t forget a comfortable rocking chair and a throw to keep you toasty as you could spend several hours seated there. Small lamps will add the last touch to the décor.

For your green baby nursery's room, it is recommended having some additional necessary accessories such as a wastebasket with a tightly closing lid, a good baby monitor, a mobile, humidifier and dirty clothes basket.

Now close your eyes and imagine your newborn baby, relaxed and be happy in this special dream room.

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