Going green is about the health impact of what we do and the products we use!

GOING GREEN is to express respect for the air, the water and the human being within his environment.

We do not want to change the world overnight but let’s take small steps today toward an eco-friendly environment which will make all the difference for our future generations.

Frank Lloyd Wright designed homes that blended with the surrounding area, creating a harmony between man and nature often described as organic. Love his work!

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Photo: Pablo Sanchez

Photo:  Pablo Sanchez

An eco-friendly environment requires a certain commitment and social involvement on your part. Along those lines, this web site will guide you in finding various helpful solutions and tips. You should prioritize your interests towards becoming eco-friendly and the following points will help you define them:

  • Indoor air quality by finding your interiors pollutants sources
  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Water efficiency
  • Reduce your carbon footprint impact
  • Give priority to local manufacturers

  • Reduce the use of municipal solid waste. Municipal solid waste contains all kinds of garbage including newspapers, yard waste, old appliances, household garbage, used furniture and just about anything you can think of that people throw away at home, schools, and businesses. It represents about 1,300 pounds for each person each year. It means that on average, each of us creates a little over 4 pounds of garbage every day. Reuse all you can in your home.
  • Reuse all your old furniture and be creative.
  • Recycle your leftover building material from the backyard or garage.
  • Hire a certified green interior designer…and much more

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What are you ready to do to change things? Watch this short movie and make the decision...The Story of Change!


When thinking about harmful human activities, we must consider health, pollution, conservation and sustainability.

Eco-friendly Businesses

To provide a healthier place to work which will reduce expenses and increase profits but most importantly, will result in less lost employee productivity.

Tips on Going Green

Start by hiring a certified green interior designer to assess your home or office and provide you with a complete report.


What are the potential sources of formaldehyde and how can we reduce its emission into our homes thereby providing better air quality?

The site www.green-interior-design.com is a good reference site for broadening the definition of “green interior design” and for finding ways of using and applying solutions in your approach to a healthier environment for you and your family.

Going green with an eco-friendly makeover for a healthier environment.

Certified Green Interior Designer.

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