Quick guidelines and tips to create and install an ergonomic home office.

ergonomic home office design tips

Those quick ergonomic home office design tips starting with your chair which allows you to keep your feet flat on the floor, thighs parallel to the floor and your back straight will help you be more productive.

If your chair seat is too high, preventing you from keeping your feet flat on the floor, use a footrest to help you sit in the proper position.

ergonomic home office design tips

Place everything you need on a regular basis within arm’s reach of your desk to prevent repeated bending, stretching or hiking across your office to retrieve equipment or supplies.

Use a wrist prop and keyboard tray to position your hands properly while working at the computer.

Your wrist should be flat as you type.

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The use of a glare screen over of your computer screen will help if the overhead light reflects back in your eyes making it hard to see. Sometimes, simply adjusting the brightness and contrast on your monitor is enough to make the display more comfortable for viewing. Make sure your screen does not face a window and if so, install the appropriate window blinds or curtains.

To prevent eye strain, take your eyes off your monitor at regular intervals, looking across the room or staring off into space. Get up often, about every thirty minutes, and walk around your office because sitting in the same position all day is not healthy

Visit your eye specialist for the proper computer glasses if needed.Position your computer monitor exactly at eye level because it shouldn’t be necessary to tilt your head up or down to see the screen while working.

Electrical and mechanical requirements for an efficient home office: when planning your home office, keep in mind all the electrical equipment you will need to plug in. For example, a new telephone or fax line, an independent, grounded plug for your computer, photocopier and printers, etc…

After planning the placement of each piece of office equipment, contact your electrician so he can come to verify and install the necessary outlets. It is very important to use specialists accredited by your town in order to avoid any future problems that may hold up your work.

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