More and more companies wish to offer eco-friendly paint and to make them available in a wider variety of colours and finishes.

There was a time when the purchase price was higher, but increasing sales volumes have reduced prices. More and more people are ready to do their part and I would like to help you in your search process.

Your green paint choice will make all the difference in the protection of the environment and in improving air quality, reducing possible negative health effects.


Volatile organic compounds emissions result from natural and anthropogenic (man made) sources.


Surface preparation is an important and essential step because the majority of problems are in reality caused by failure to perform this first step.

Fresh Air Choice paint has no VOC's.It provides excellente coverage and has some interesting facts like the CAN is made from 100% recycled material and can be recycled. Label is made from 75% recycled fiber content with soy ink...

Yolo Color House's paint has ZERO VOC's. You can order a poster size color swatch to see in your house before you buy.

AFM Safecoat has SCS indoor advantage gold certified and more. They also offer SafeChoice cleaners, carpet care products and personal care products.

Sico eco-friendly paint has the Green Seal inc. certification. They offer Sico cachemire...Chamois...and Shantung finishes which I really like to use in my projects. They also offer the SicoEcosource for commercial projects. See the calculator they offer to save on buying to much paint than you need.

Benjamin Moore paint has the Greenguard standard for children and schools certification. You will find and extreme hide self-priming color-lock technology and you can alwasy order a small sample pot to try the paint on your before before you buy.

Sherwin Williams has a GreenSure designation. They offer responsible options that meet the most stringent requirements without sacrificing durability.

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