Eco-Friendly Floor Covers

Eco-friendly floor covers are comfortable, nice looking and environmentally respectful. 

Wood is an excellent environmentally friendly material for reducing energy consumption, minimizing external pollution and environmental impact, avoiding resource depletion, reducing indoor pollution and its harmful effects on our health. Wood has lower emissions and is therefore less allergenic as it retains neither dust nor mites.

Wood flooring manufacturer must provide certification indicating active participation in protecting our forests through sustainable, that is controlled, forest management.

The four following principles illustrate very clearly the values that companies must publish to answer our eco-friendly requirements:

  • The raw materials’ origin
  • Respect for the raw material
  • The chain of traceability
  • Recycling and reforestation

The three types of eco-friendly wood covers are; solid wood (100% solid wood), engineered wood (constructed in multiple layers with grains alternating in opposite directions) and laminated wood (pre-assembled, tongue and groove panels).

 Do not be afraid to question the salesperson when shopping for your flooring. Its ranking on the Janka hardness scale gives a good indication to help you choose which wood you will be buying.

The normal wear on wood over time does however give your decor a particularly warm and vivid cachet.  In time, the sun’s rays coming through windows will also alter the color of wood. Be careful in placing a rug on a wood floor near a window as the sun’s rays will change the exposed wood, but not that under the rug.

All kinds of wood do not necessarily go in all rooms. This is an important question to ask of the salesperson since wood reacts according to the where it is located in the home

The market offers a wide range of wood flooring including various strip or panel widths and thicknesses depending on the wood species. The most popular species are oak, maple, cherry and ash. Be open-minded about exploring some of the more exotic possibilities on the market today such as bamboo, cork and eucalyptus wood, but always remember that some of those species will have to travel.  Prioritize local wood to prevent carbon footprint.

To help in choosing your eco-friendly floor covers, here is a small guide you can prepare before visiting a retailer. You can also include in your notes a few photos of the room you will be decorating.

  • Room of the house
  • How often room is used
  • Desired ambience
  • Size of the room
  • Existing furnishings (colors and finishes)
  • Finishes and colors of doors and frames, baseboards and moldings
  • Other floor coverings adjacent to the room

I recommend waiting to work on wall and ceiling colors as well as window treatments until after choosing your eco-friendly floor covers. You will probably be changing those more often than the flooring.

Don’t feel limited by the wood species, colors and finishes of the room’s already existing furnishings. A good variety of wood species and colors can go very well together. Many retailers offer the services of an in-store decorator to guide you in making your final choice.

Clear stain in my opinion, is the best choice because it keeps the wood’s beauty near its natural color. My two favorite finishes are natural oil finished (for example linseed oil), which give a rich and deep look, and a non-glossy, free VOC’s varnish.


Concrete flooring holds several advantages of transformed concrete shiny flooring, easy self-maintenance, wear resistance and is perfect for your eco-friendly floor covers.

Polished concrete flooring advantages are economical with an exceptional lifespan which is providing us with a profitable alternative


Bamboo flooring offers a refined, modern, elegant and exotic interior arrangement. Since it is very resistant, it is perfect for high traffic areas and it can also be installed over a radiant floor heating system…but be careful with the stiletto heels!


Cork is a renewable resource that has a minimal effect on the environment! The tree’s bark is harvested from living trees and takes between 9 to 14 years to completely grow back. A cork tree can live for over 200 years and could be harvested up to 16 times. 


Eco-friendly linoleum as over 40 year’s lifespan when well installs and properly maintained.  It will require a more regular and rigorous care than another floor finish.  Scratch resistant, this ideal product can be installing in a high traffic area and companions like dogs are welcome.

Eco-friendly floor covers for your kitchen.

Air quality is part of a green interior design.

Contact us if you have questions.

How can the green interior design of our bathroom help the planet?


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