Declutter and throw-out

After you decluttered and have gone through the keep, give away, sell or relocate process, throw-out is the final step.

Declutter and throw-out what is broken and not reusable only. Dangerous for the environment? Find out where to dispose of it securely.

Recycling businesses are now developing everywhere. Make an internet search or call the municipally to find out.

For example, there is a program by Hydro-Quebec in place to pick-up your working 10 years and older refrigerator, and they will mail you back a 30$ check for doing so.

Dry unwanted latex paint outdoors, away from children and animals and discard with the household trash in a plastic lined box. Remove paint can lids so the trash removers can see that the cans are empty or the paint is dry.

Take your paint remains to a specialized organization like BOOMERANG. Electronic waste including computers, television, and mobile phones could be reuse, salvage, recycled or dispose in the right way by dealing with the proper poeple. So many articles that could have been recycled are found in the landfill. Old furniture with a facelift can be sold online or give away. Yes, I am coming back in the giving away process but we do trash a lot and it hurts our planet.

Alright, you did your best to find a second life to your belonging and nobody wants it! It is broken and irreversible. I understand we have been looking for a way to do something elseā€¦

Throw-out at the right place and feel good!


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