Declutter your home and sell items might be a good way to green your house and get into the Reducing...Reusing...Recycling...process.

With a bit of imagination you could sell second hand items through consignment shops, online or local newspapers classified advertising and hold a garage sale.


declutter your home and sell

Find them in the yellow pages book and usually they specialized in specific items. Visit them first and compare their stock and policies before bringing your stuff to sale.

Declutter your home and sell seasonal clothing must be clean and in good condition with no missing buttons or falling hems. Newest one with designer’s labels is very popular and you can get more money out of it.

But do not limit yourself at clothes; kitchenware, toys or books are also good items to bring to the consignment shop.

They usually keep your second hand items up to 90 days and they will give you back 30% to 50% of the selling price. If your stuff is not sold after the time allowed, I recommend donating them to charity and be sure not to bring them back in your house.


declutter your home and sell

Larger items like refrigerator, furniture, electronics, and garden items could be sold through online or local newspaper classified section.

There is a fee attached to it as indicated in their policies. For example eBay will have a nominal insertion fee to list each item and another fee on the final value sale price.

Selling directly through classified will generate higher return but you will have to pay fees and answer e-mail or telephone call. The prospective buyer will want to see the product before buying and after to pick it up.


Declutter your home and sell by organizing a garage sale to get rid of unwanted items will generate few dollars for you and it could be a fun day for the family or a neighbourhood event.

A good planning will maximize your sales and will ensure success of the day. When the sale is over, bring the unsold to a charity organization because you want to keep your house uncluttered.

After having set a date and verified with the municipality to get the proper permit, design the advertising poster indicating the location, the date and opening hours so you can run the add in the local newspaper and bring printed posters to different location around your house. Make sure to take down every sign immediately after your sale.

Then, write a price on each items by using stickers’ tags, this will be easier on you the entire day of the sale. Do it as you collect items and bring similar categories together.

The day of the garage sale, display nicely and make it attractive for the buyers. If you have electronics, make sure there is a power cord near by for testing. Install a mirror to help the shoppers decide on buying if necessary.

Prepare a cash box with some loose change that fit your pricing system and put it in a safe and accessible place. Be sure to provide your shoppers with boxes and bags if necessary to carry them home.

Put up some colourful balloons and make it a happening.

Tip: have a rainy day ring check date indicated on the poster just in case.

Declutter your home starting with the three ''R'' rule.

Green interior design decluttering process...DO IT!

How many times have you used this item within the past year?

Give away things you need to ask yourself if you really need it.