To declutter your home and give away things you need to ask yourself if you really need it or if it can profit a family member or/and comunity needs.

You will ask this question in every room of your home; either it is in the kitchen or garage, every articles duplicates will not necessary serve you.

Lets take the garage for example; with a black felter pen write on large cardboards those following words:

declutter and give away

OFTEN (means that you will keep)

declutter and give away

SOMETIMES (means that you will keep but might consider give away)

declutter and give away

NEVER (means that you will definetly give away)

Items that you are using frequently are definitely going towards the OFTEN position. You will start questionning yourself at the SOMETIMES position, but don’t get too emotional. The NEVER position is the tricky one. The following are ideas to help you take the decision to GIVE AWAY:

Donation Stations ideas: goodwill, religious organization, domestic violence shelter, trift store, theater (for costumes purposes)

Toys : Police or Firefighter station at holiday time, religious organization, hospitals (they do not always accept old toys)

Books and school books : schools, libraries and secondhand bookstores, trift store, senior citizen’s center, daycare center

Giving away does not mean to buy more things. When you take an object in your hand that you did not use for the last year or more, it is necessary to question yourself on keeping it.

I did a clean-up in my kitchen recently and has brought everything I wanted to give away together in my dining room. I invited my daughters to come and take what they needed, then I did a garage sale.

Give away and be happy to do it.

To become greener, declutter your home using the three R rule.

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