Cork Flooring

Cork flooring offered by Duro Design delivers style and elegance as well as cushiony comfort when walking on it.  This flooring is available in 54 colors and can be installed on residential and commercial floors or even on walls.  Basement installation will give you a sumptuous and warming décor!

Talk about a renewable resource that has a minimal effect on the environment! The tree’s bark is harvested from living trees and takes between 9 to 14 years to completely grow back. A cork tree can live for over 200 years and could be harvested up to 16 times.   

Extremely durable, this material has exceptional natural acoustical properties, an amazingly distinctive beauty and infinite potential for use. It is also a product that is non-allergenic and anti-static which is very good for a nursery or a basement and gives a nice and rich look to a dining room.

As a floating click-cork plank, for a glue-down 12’’ x 12’’ tiles installation or 12’’ x 24’’ rectangle, creating a special dramatic and chic design has many opportunities to give a style for your interior décor. Do not be afraid to use 2 or 3 different colors to add some movement in the space.

Cost will start at 5$ the square foot but prices can vary depending on the quality and where you buy your product.    Again, end of season’s sales could be very profitable and when well planed, you can buy it in advance knowing you will do your floor in the next month or so.


Duro Design sales the complete system needed for your cork flooring installation including adhesive, protective finish, lamb wool applicator and touch-up color.


Hiring a professional installer and good care will offer you a better lifespan for your floor.  But if you are a DIY person, they provide complete instructions that you will want to follow step by step for best results.


Buy your cork flooring 72 hours in advance for room acclimation.  Good floor underlay preparation is very important and protective finish must be done before walking on your new floor. 


- A sharp utility knife

- Tape measure

- Short nap (3/8”) roller and frame for applying contact adhesive to floor

- Straight-edge

- Small hand j-roller

- Clean paint tray

- Chalk line

- Water-based low-VOC contact adhesive (supplied by Duro-Design)

- MP765 water-based low-VOC polyurethane (supplied by Duro-Design)

- Synthetic pad applicator (supplied by Duro-Design)

- Painter’s extension pole for glue roller and urethane applicator

Cork by the roll for floor underlay.  Use eco-friendly glue.

Eco-Friendly floor covers for every room of your house.

Cork flooring in your eco-friendly kitchen!

Comfortable home office bamboo flooring.

Questions?  contact us.

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