Businesses going green will provide a healthier place to work which will reduce expenses and increase profits but most importantly, will result in less lost employee productivity.

Small industries have to be creative and provide a competitive advantage over others. If they don’t they will lose some of their market because more and more majors will demand to buy only from environmentally responsable companies.

The sick building syndrome can come from any number of sources. Offices going green will make sure they have clean air, good energy and water conservation, lighting efficiency, will develop a reduce, reuse and recycle program, and will cut on their greenhouse gas emissions.

As a certified green interior designer, I visit those small businesses to evaluation their premises and then prepare a full report to walk them into becoming green.

Every topic is examined thoroughly and all the proper application and alternatives to implement the solutions is provided.

Did you know that EPA estimates that poor indoor air quality results in $60 billion of lost employee productivity each year?

Hire an Energy Service Company if you have a facility over 50,000 sq ft and want to make a sizable but guaranteed investment in saving energy. Uses of T5 fluorescent bulbs, which are 50 percent less resource intensive than non-fluorescent is a good start to save money and energy.

When a business wants to redesign or bring changes to their spaces, it is important to plan on how it will be done in advance. No VOC paint, green flooring, eco-friendly furniture, window treatments are just a short list of what you will need to address.

More and more entrepreneurs are going green and offer a LEED building certification.

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Businesses going green help with green home office design.

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