Eco-friendly home office

Deciding to install your home office in your bedroom is the result of you walking through your house in search of a space. It is the last solution you have and all other options have been looked at and discard.

This space can be use only if you do not need to receive clients. I personally do not recommend receiving people in your bedroom to access your home office. In case you do not have other choices, build a door or a wall to separate your sleeping area from your office.

To be highly productive, your home office in your bedroom will have to be very attractive, provide lots of natural lights, be well organized and well kept.

Working from home provide many advantages and this is why you should have an early start in the morning, all dressed up and breakfast taken. Make your bed and clean up your sleeping space.

Start with the inventory step to identify your needs and requirements. After this is done, draw your plan, choose the colors and finishes and then install your office. Do not buy anything if you can; paint and refresh what you have as much as possible.

You will need more electrical power for your electronics, lighting and phone/modem lines in this new area. Bring the proper entrepreneur to do the job; it will pay in the long run.

At the end of the day, clean up your desk, close the lights and come back the next morning!!!

Green interior design

As an option, make an opening in the upper center of the wall to bring the light through the entire space or on each side of the bed instead of a light suspension.

Create your bedroom home office

Paint your walls with cream colors but give the divider wall a punchy look. Get creative by applying colorful or textured wallpaper, cultured stone, wood paneling or MDF 3d paneling that you can paint in a glossy finish.

Green home office

Use the space under your working surface to bring more storage. Install them on wheels to be able to move them easily. They can be use as extra working surfaces when needed.

Keep it simple and easy to install.

Quick guidelines and tips to create and install an ergonomic home office.

Work with your existing furniture.

Trendy colors combinations for 2013