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To know me better, here some facts about me...

My name is Claire and I am from Montreal, Canada and am French-speaking. My first career was as a fashion designer, but I quickly realized that construction materials held more interest for me than fabrics did. So after returning to the classroom for a little over two years, I received my diploma in Interior Design from the Montreal Academy International of Design at the age of 40.

What about me and a new career at 40 years old for a big challenge?… the same as for a 20 year old but, add your life experience and then shorten the time left in which you can accomplish your goals. Green interior design has become a passion and a goal of life.

There are new contacts, new clients, new designs for each project and especially the computer which I needed to conquer in order to work with 3D modeling software.

This new adventure into interior design started with a summer contract at $10/hr and use of a company car. I was lucky to have accepted that contract, because today, after 15 years of professional experience, the company remains part of my corporate clientele and of course, contract conditions have changed.

Good clients are hard to find and interior design has always been a glamour thing for some people. I choose my clients and if the first meeting has not met my professional expectation with them and vice-versa, I will not accept their project.

Green interior design has become a career goal and determination to learn and teach others about this subject is probably one of the most up-dated about me.

So one day, I wondered how it would be possible to increase public awareness about augmenting the use of eco-friendly materials or at least those better for the environment.

So I decided to create a website that would be able to help the greatest number of people to do a little more for the planet, in particular with green interior design. Oh yes, I also have one in French web site now www.eco-design-interieur.com

I am really happy to announce that I followed and successfully achieved the exam with the National Association of Green Designers last July 2012.

I have been researching, reading and learning about greening our planet for the last 3 years so this certification has surely brought me into the next step of my career in green interior design.

I have created a new section DID YOU KNOW on this web site to share with you pictures coming from my visit while I am travelling in new places, historic and cultural sites, museum or interpretation centre.I really enjoy learning about our ancestors and how they leaved. I am curious about everything new on the market and what the future reserves us. Those pictures feed my inspiration for new projects and I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.

August is my re-organizing period time for the year planning in the office. I usually design new literature to send my clientele and will experience a fresh new start for September.

So, please take the time to visit my web site and feel free to share or write me about green interior design, it will be my pleasure to read you and answer any questions you might have.


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