2011 interior design trend are bold bright colors and glossy finish green building materials. Straight and pure lines to offer luminous and plain decors will answer our hivers’ expectations.

source from www.benjaminmoore.

Very important note: the color accuracy is ensured only when tinted in quality Benjamin Moore® paints. Chips representations may differ slightly from actual paint. Visit your paint shop for more exact color samples and you will be responsible to use those colors application in your interiors. The following are only suggestions.

May I suggest that you paint the space with different finishes; for example use a semi-gloss paint finish for the accent wall and pearl finish paint for the other walls. Go green with Benjamin Moore® Natura Interior Waterborne Paint Eggshell or this low VOC benMD high quality latex interior paint coming in several finishes.

Benjamin Moore has defined their color pulse in 4 different themes as follow:

1........THE FARM is wisdom; urban farms, nomadic lifestyles showing vegetable bright and botanical inspired colors.

2......ORDER is chaotic times that force us to prioritize and bring order into our lives. Simplicity paves the way for luxurious black and white; geometrics and optical graphics are also voiced with color vibrancy.

3..........ESCAPE is a departure from reality and a fertile ground for expanding the boundaries of future thoughts. Vaporous and luminous cosmetic hues, surreal and translucent, dreamy pales are frosted and translucent.

4..........TRIBE...The home becomes the center, not just for ourselves, but for communing with others. Ritual symbols and primitive design are translations of tribal ways. Bronze warms the cultural landscape to commune with the vibrancy of layered and rich hues.

Green interior design trend for 2013.

Going green is to express respect for the air, the water and the human being within his environment.

2011 color trend eco-friendly paint.

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